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Reza Hygiene Qatar and Hako Became a Trusted Partner of Hamad International Airport Through FMM

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Reza Hygiene Qatar and Hako Became a Trusted Partner of Hamad International Airport Through FMM

Reza Hygiene Qatar and Hako Became a Trusted Partner of Hamad International Airport Through FMM

When Hamad International Airport was searching for a reliable partner to enhance its exceptional passenger experience with FFM, Reza Hygiene Qatar stepped in with their premium range of Hako cleaning equipment and facility maintenance expertise. This partnership has positioned Reza Hygiene as a key player in Qatar's cleaning and maintenance sector.

Introducing Reza Hygiene Qatar

With over 13 years of experience operating in Qatar, Reza Hygiene has been a trusted provider of facility management and cleaning solutions in Qatar. As an authorized distributor for Hako's commercial cleaning equipment, Reza Hygiene was the perfect fit for FMM, one of the Facility Management companies responsible for maintaining Hamad Hamad International Airport (DOH).

The airport wanted to upgrade its cleaning fleet and along with FMM understood that only the most reliable, durable, and efficient machines would suffice for maintaining 'The Beating Heart of Qatar' which welcomes over 58 million passengers annually. Reza Hygiene recommended Hako's innovative range of cleaning machines. Hako, based in Germany, is an industry leader known for its sustainable, high-performance cleaning technology. Together, Reza Hygiene and Hako were uniquely positioned to supply and service a comprehensive solution for floor care, ranging from single-disc operated machines to high-powered outdoor ride-on sweepers.

The team trained FMM cleaning staff to use and maintain the new equipment properly. With over 200 cleaning machines in operation, it was essential for staff to understand best practices in order to keep the airport clean around the clock.


Why Hako Machines Were the Right Solution

Hako, established in Germany, is renowned for manufacturing extremely durable and efficient cleaning machines with a track record of over 80 years of engineering excellence. Their machines are designed to handle the toughest cleaning jobs and can withstand the high volume of traffic required at such a large facility.

The solid construction and high-quality components of Hako machines allow them to operate for up to 8 hours a day without downtime. This extreme durability and reliability were must-haves for FMM for Hamad International Airport, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hamad International Airport with its strong reputation demanded only the best.

Hako machines are renowned for their ergonomically designed features, which reduce operator fatigue—an important consideration for the management at FMM. With high-powered, water-efficient H2O and lithium-ion battery technologies, Hako equipment provides environmentally friendly deep cleaning and long run times on a single charge.


Implementing the Hako Cleaning System at Hamad International Airport

Reza Hygiene and Hako understood that implementing an efficient cleaning system was crucial for FMM that will attribute to their cleaning and safety responsibilities at Hamad International Airport as it expects a massive volume of travelers passing through each day. As the authorized distributor for Hako professional cleaning equipment in Qatar, Reza was the perfect partner to provide this solution.

With over 30 years of experience that Reza Hygiene has coupled with Hako's 80 years of expertise both teams were well-equipped to train the cleaning staff on effectively operating and maintaining the Hako machines to maximize efficiency. Reza Hygiene also provided ongoing technical support and has an array of spare parts if needed to minimise downtime. The Hako cleaning system has been instrumental in enabling Hamad International Airport to uphold the highest international standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

"I am thrilled to deliver this new fleet of cleaning machines to Hamad International Airport. It's an honor to support such a prestigious facility and contribute to maintaining its world-class standards of cleanliness and hygiene." - Shahed Khan, Country Manager for Reza Hygiene in Qatar"
- Shahed Khan, Institutional Division Manager, Qatar

The Success of the Partnership Between Reza, Hako, and FMM

The Hako cleaning system has been instrumental in helping FMM and Hamad International Airport to maintain the highest cleaning standards. Hamad International Airport has consistently been ranked as one of the cleanest airports in the world. The partnership between Reza Hygiene, Hako, and FMM has proven to be a winning combination.

An added benefit of the partnership has been Reza's ability to provide full after-sales support, including servicing the equipment, training staff, and ensuring spare parts are well stocked. Their support, combined with the reliability of the Hako machines, gives Hamad International Airport the cleaning requirements needed for many years to come.


So there you have it, the story of how Reza Hygiene Qatar and Hako became indispensable partners for FMM and one of the world's most innovative airports. By providing high-quality cleaning equipment along with unmatched after-sales support, Reza Hygiene and Hako has supported Hamad International Airport maintain its status as a world-class airport.


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