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    Food Plant Sanitation
    Protecting Your Brand
Reza Hygiene provide a complete program of products and service expertise to ensure your plant maintains optimal plant hygiene and food safety. We help you protect your food products from all sources of cross-contamination including environmental contamination. Regular daily end of shift clean-up and continuous preventative steps during production help control microbial growth and minimize any food safety risk.
We help you deliver the results that meet your business requirements, with our team providing support at every step.
We tailor plant sanitation solutions for:
  • Dairy industry
  • Meat & Fish processing
  • Beverage industry
  • Bakery, pasta & confectionary industry
  • Vegetable & fruit processing

Technical Expertise

Our teams of Technical Support specialists are drawn from the same Food industries we serve, with decades of experience in Quality Assurance, Production and Plant Maintenance. We understand your hygiene and cleaning challenges and are able to introduce solutions that bring the latest technologies and application methods supported methods including:

  • Hygiene Audit & Reviews
  • SOPS
  • Ongoing reactive & investigative technical advice
  • Training programs that focus on employee safety, food safety and application training.
  • Sanitation verification and control to offer protection against food recalls.
  • Increased saitation automation resulting in labour savings and waste reduction

Open Plant Cleaning

We focus on application methods, technologies and products to remove soils and clean surfaces safely, efficiently and quickly so that production times can be maximised and food product integrity is assured.

Our Hygiene programs are customised to suit your plant; the soils and surfaces to be cleaned, the most appropriate disinfection type and the amount of labour available and the potential for reduced cleaning times which will maximise production.

We design, install and maintain application systems that can be Manual, Semi-automatic or Fully automatic.

Automated Solutions

Our dedicated Design, Installation and Service Teams provide an unequalled "One Stop Shop" for customized Hygiene Equipment solutions for:

  • Open Plant Cleaning- Central & De-central, Mobile
  • Personnel Hygiene Entrance Control Rooms
  • Crate & Utensil Washing

We have designed, Installed and still maintan the largest Central Hygiene system installed in the Middle East for a Poultry Processing Mega plant. The system comprises of 148 Hygiene Satellites, served by 12 kilometers of Stainless Steel Pipe from a Central Hygiene Room, with 3 interlocking systems to negate any failure of one system

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