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    Color Coded Cleaning Tools
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Industrial facilities are subject to stringent regulation, especially in the food and beverage sector where towering liabilities deter unhygienic practice.


Facilities are frequently audited for their compliance with ever-changing policies on operating procedures, including workplace segregation and cleaning regimes.

Few procedures can be implemented without proper infrastructure to support their success and longevity. That is why color-coded cleaning tools are the only answer to sustaining effective workplace segregation.

Workplace Segregation

Organizations have the flexibility to develop their own segregating systems, as color coding may identify contaminates, surfaces or operational areas dependant on the organization’s approach. It is therefore necessary that the system is well communicated and adhered to internally. For each area, we recommend Shadow Boards to safely organize cleaning tools and immediately identify if a tool is missing.


Colour coding is a visual method of organizing and tracing tools within vast industrial environments. We offer a full arsenal of color-coded tools, from brushes through to squeegees that, when referenced against the employed segregating system, can be traced to their origin. This is relevant as much to a single monofilament shed from a brush as it is to a scraper found out of place.


In food manufacturing, cross-contamination is a serious risk due to consumer allergies and tolerances. Bacteria can easily migrate from surface to surface if a tool used in one area is mistakenly used elsewhere. Colour coding naturally helps to ensure that tools of one kind are not mixed with another, drastically reducing the likelihood of a contaminated product.

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