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    Providing Infection Control Solutions
Hospital-acquired infections (HAI's) cause hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. We provide a wide range of solutions and programs to help eliminate healthcare related pathogens and reduce the risk of infection to patients, staff and visitors.

A clean healthcare environment is critical; we deliver infection control solutions to improve cleanliness so that you can focus on operational efficiency and improved patient care. With proper staff training and monitoring, we help you improve cleaning outcomes and reduce risk.

We provide patient, staff and visitor safety, with environmental sustainability.


Housekeeping for Healthcare

By identifying your needs, implementing integrated solutions, and providing comprehensive training and support, Reza Hygiene helps you optimize your operations, educate your employees, improve your work environment, improve infection control outcomes, and identify continually improvement opportunities.

Reza Hygiene provide a wide range of products that include Green Seal & Eco-logo certified chemical cleaning products, combined with training from our Green Building certified trainers, thereby meeting all LEED requirements.

Our range of high quality productivity tools from Rubbermaid Commercial Products do the job more effectively, quicker, and easier.

Infection Control

Prevent Disease Outbreaks with our hospital proven Environmental Infection Control programs.

Reza provides the latest innovations in infection control devices with a wide range of products from hand cleaners & hand disinfection systems, world leading chemical applications & cleaning equipment’s, to aerosol jet-misting and UV-C devices for operating rooms, patient rooms and the healthcare environment.

Food Service & Dietary Dept

It is important that patients receiving care, recovering from procedures and/or immune suppressed, are provided with food that is prepared in the most hygienic conditions.

We provide the latest technology in chemical products, cleaning tools, application and cleaning equipment’s backed up by technical and staff training support so that you can focus on the job of providing safe, nutritious meals to speed their recovery.

Healthcare Laundry

Christeyns are world leaders in Laundry technology for Healthcare operations.

Our Christeyns Division ensure the best Infection Control Practices for the handling of Linen, superior disinfection without the use of damaging chlorine.

We save you water, energy, time and manpower while ensuring wash efficacy and longer linen life.

Water Treatment

Immuno-compromised individuals are most susceptible to waterborne pathogens.

In many countries, regulations require hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to have a Legionella and pathogen control program in place. The use of our in-line Chlorine Dioxide generationis supported as part of these pathogen control program. Check out our water treatment systems for:

  • Water Disinfection
  • Air conditioning (HAVC’s) & Cooling Towers
  • Boiler Care

Floor Care

Luxurious appearance begins with your floors.

Our high gloss, non-slip, ultra durable floor finishes save you time, labor and costs whilst enhancing your image. These are complemented with a range of environmentally safe cleaners and floor mainters.

Advanced floor care equipment’s from HAKO include a wide range of vacuums, polishers, and scrubber-dryers to maintain floors quickly and easily in the busiest facilities, while providing the most durable surfaces to protect the underlying floor materials.

To find out more on our product solutions and protocols for the Healthcare industry, please contact Reza Hygiene.

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Process Area Solutions

Reza Hygiene are a total solution provider specific for your industry. Our range of solutions include innovative industry approved chemical products, dispensing systems, equipments, tools, disposables, technical support and training programs to ensure maximum hygiene, efficiency and cost savings. Our reputation for innovation, quality, durability and cost effectiveness is enhanced by partnerships with companies such as HAKO, DYSON and RUBBERMAID.

Color coded cleaning tools

Cleaning tools specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage processing industries.

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Disposable Workwear

Disposable work wear for the food, beverage, catering and healthcare markets. Protect your product from personnel contamination.

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Dyson Hand Drying Solutions

Dyson Airblade technology has revolutionised hand drying with the worlds fastest, most hygienic and efficient hand dryers.

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Facility Care for Healthcare

Ensure patient & staff safety with facility care products and services that improve infection control for all departments.

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Floor Machinery - Scrubber Driers

Fast efficient cleaning of large floor areas for retail, commercial & industries from Hako with Ride-on and walk behinds.

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Floor Machinery - Sweeping

A full range of professional sweepers for indoors and outdoors from pedestrian and ride-on sweepers to street cleansing Citymasters.

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Floor Machinery - Vacuums and Driers

High performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner and carpet driers suitable for industrial, retail and commercial use.

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Food Safety Solutions - Hospitality & Catering

An integrated hygiene system to ensure Haccp compliance, safe food and customer satisfaction

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Food Storage Equipment

Durable & innovative ' First in- First Out' food storage systems from Rubbermaid.

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Housekeeping - Linen carts

Classic durable Housekeeping carts and accessories from Rubbermaid.

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Insect Control Equipment

Industrial & decorative flying insect capture devices from market leader Brandenburg.

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Industrial Washing Machines

Improve standards and productivity by selecting the right machines and cleaning solutions to suit your container sanitation needs.

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Janitorial Equipment

Innovative and durable cleaning equipments available from Rubbermaid.

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Water Disinfection

The safest system for on-demand generation of Chlorine Dioxide injected into water systems.

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Water Treatment - Boiler Care

Products and Service programs to maintain, clean & protect against corrosion and deposits in Boiler & Hot Water systems.

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