• Dry Fumigation poultry houses
    Dry Fumigation
    Maximised Surface Disinfection
An innovative disinfectant product, highly effective and easy to use, for a complete and capillary disinfection of poultry houses.


Broiler House Fumigation

Sterifum is a high spectrum environmental fumigating disinfectant which releases, slowly and continuously, hot gas of pure formaldehyde for about 3 hours.

Sterifum is a potent bactericide, fungicide and virucide. 

It’s an active agent against 

  • coli bacillus, 
  • salmonellae, 
  • streptococcus, 
  • staphylococcus, 
  • pneumococcus, 
  • Brucella, 
  • shigellae, 
  • pasteurellae, 
  • moulds 
  • and virus.


vs Sterifum

  • During fumigation, Sterifum is completely converted slowly and continuously into pure gaseous formaldehyde
  • High & Prolonged Disinfectant Power Complete Diffusion of The Gas in The Area Constant and Prolonged Emission of Gas No Dangers or Contraindications
  • Simple & Quick to Use

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