• Dairy Farm Bio-security
    Dairy Farm Bio-security
    Optimize Your Dairy Operation
Disease can cause financial losses not only as a result of high mortality rates, but also because it can cause poor feed conversion ratios in livestock that is struggling to fight off infection.

We help Dairy Farmers maximize dairy operational efficiency, milk safety and quality to produce safe wholesome milk. We improve cleaning and disinfection throughout their operation including high-quality products for Udder Hygiene, Staff Personal Hygiene, Cleaning in Place and General Farm Bio-Security.

Our Biosystem 3000 Protocol acts as a guide for all livestock producers wishing to maintain the highest levels of farm hygiene and biosecurity.

Bio- Security

Biosecurity is the protection of livestock from exposure to disease causing organisms. An effective hygiene program is essential in the modern dairy farm to enable quality milk products to be produced.

The importance of biosecurity for all vectors entering the farm cannot be stressed enough. This includes a wide range of protocols for entry control of all Vehicles and Personnel onto the Farm. All workers and visitors should be instructed in the correct hygiene procedures to reduce cross contamination.

Farm equipment should be power washed then disinfected regularly with DEFRA approved disinfectants such as Fam 30 (Iodophor based) or GPC8 (Gluteraldehyde based) disinfectant solutions during terminal disinfection.

Fam® 30 and Foot & Mouth

Fam 30 is the original Iodine based livestock disinfectant. First used as the UK Governments main weapon against the devastating Foot and Mouth disease epidemic in 1967 / 68 it single handedly, stopped the disease in its tracks through its combined surfactant and blended acid formulation which is able to function in poor water conditions and against very high organic challenge.

Reformulated and improved further Fam 30 has continued to establish its reputation as the leading Iodophor livestock disinfectant in the world. Fam 30 continues to outperform all other Iodine based disinfectants.

  • DEFRA approved disinfectant
  • Passes European Standard EN 1656
  • Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal
  • Active in the presence of organic matter
  • Biodegradable and stable

Udder Care

Maintaining good udder condition alongside rigorous parlor hygiene is one of the simplest things that can be done at farm level to reduce the impact of mastitis on herd profitability. Mastitis remains a major cause of financial loss for the Dairy Industry. This loss comes from direct costs such as treatment costs, but also indirect costs such as reduced yields, discarded milk, and fertility problems.

The skin on the udder needs protecting from the influences of the environment. If the skin is not in optimum condition and becomes dry or chapped, the effectiveness of the cows’ natural defenses to mastitis are reduced. Cracks and crevices provide a place for bacteria to hide and will reduce the effectiveness of the parlor hygiene regime.

The quality and quantity of the emollients used is very important. Evans Vanodine International Ltd are renowned leaders of mastitis control with their wide range of treat dips, spray and teat films for Pre & Post milking applications based on EN and veterinary approved Iodine and Chlorhexidine formulations with high levels of emollients.

Dairy Hygiene

Surfaces of milking and cooling equipment which come into contact with milk are the main source of milk contamination, and are frequently the principal cause of consistently high bacterial counts.

Common parlour cleaning faults are inadequate water temperatures, over-dilution of detergent sanitizers, failure to ensure adequate contact time with the soiled surfaces, and rubber inflations (liners of the milking unit) and tubes in poor condition.

Reza Hygiene’s Animal Health Divisions provide protocols and training in the proper use of a wide range of high efficiency concentrated Detergents and sanitizers from Evans Vanodine Int/ Ltd, including:

  • Milk-stone Removal & Prevention
  • Acid Cleaners for Bulk Tanks & Pipelines
  • Pipeline and Direct Expansion Tank Sanitizers
  • Pipeline sanitizers
  • Circulation Cleaners
  • Circulation Disinfectants
  • Power Wash Detergents

Process Area Solutions

Reza Hygiene are a total solution provider specific for your industry. Our range of solutions include innovative industry approved chemical products, dispensing systems, equipments, tools, disposables, technical support and training programs to ensure maximum hygiene, efficiency and cost savings. Our reputation for innovation, quality, durability and cost effectiveness is enhanced by partnerships with companies such as HAKO, DYSON and RUBBERMAID.

Animal House Bio-security

Thorough cleaning & disinfection of livestock houses is key to reduce mortality rates & disease and to increase yields & profit.

Learn more

Animal House Dry Disinfection

Effective and continuous dry disinfection of animal house litter, absorbs damp & moisture.

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Cleaning in Place

All Dairy, Food & Beverage and pharmaceutical industries rely heavily on CIP and require high quality products and technical support.

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Color coded cleaning tools

Cleaning tools specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage processing industries.

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Disposable Workwear

Disposable work wear for the food, beverage, catering and healthcare markets. Protect your product from personnel contamination.

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Dyson Hand Drying Solutions

Dyson Airblade technology has revolutionised hand drying with the worlds fastest, most hygienic and efficient hand dryers.

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Equipment & Engineering Services

We supply, install and maintain hygiene equipment systems for Open plant, CIP, entrance control, crate and container washing.

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Floor Machinery - Scrubber Driers

Fast efficient cleaning of large floor areas for retail, commercial & industries from Hako with Ride-on and walk behinds.

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Floor Machinery - Sweeping

A full range of professional sweepers for indoors and outdoors from pedestrian and ride-on sweepers to street cleansing Citymasters.

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Floor Machinery - Vacuums and Driers

High performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner and carpet driers suitable for industrial, retail and commercial use.

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Food Plant Entrance Control

Personnel Entrance Control systems and changing room equipment to suit every Food Production facilities HACCP needs.

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Food Plant Sanitation

The latest food industry compliant Open Plant Cleaning & Disinfection (OPC) solutions and application equipment’s.

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Insect Control Equipment

Industrial & decorative flying insect capture devices from market leader Brandenburg.

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Industrial Washing Machines

Improve standards and productivity by selecting the right machines and cleaning solutions to suit your container sanitation needs.

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Janitorial Equipment

Innovative and durable cleaning equipments available from Rubbermaid.

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Water Disinfection

The safest system for on-demand generation of Chlorine Dioxide injected into water systems.

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