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    The right sweeper for the right application
Our Floor Machinery division provide a range of HAKO high quality, reliable cleaning machines from 2,300 to 25,000 m² cleaned/hour for company premises, ideal for cleaning company floors and grounds.
The challenges faced in municipal technology are just as versatile as urban life itself – from outdoor cleaning and ground maintenance. We provide a wide range of machines from industry leaders HAKO and MACRO with compact, innovative and highly manoeuvrable machines


Commercial Cleaning

Both the hand-operated and ride-on sweepers ensure dust-free cleanliness, in small and large warehouses, various types of factory halls, outdoors in the car park or indoors in the underground car park.

  • Powerful vacuum sweepers ideal for the toughest of applications.
  • Available in battery, LPG, diesel and petrol models
  • Special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up.
  • Easy to service.
  • Efficient filter cleaning.
  • Single-button operation of all of the most important functions.
  • Robust chassis and collision protection.
  • Powerful drive motors.

Municipality Cleaning


HAKO provide road sweepers for thorough urban cleaning. Compact, manoeuvrable and economic, Hako offer a clearly staged range – on request with a 3-brush system or scrubbing deck for the intensive wet cleaning of smooth, high quality surfaces or to combat oil on roads.

Hako supply a range of professional street cleansing Citymaster sweepers which have been engineered specifically with the cleaning of streets and pavements in mind.

  • Skin neutral pH
  • Non-irritant
  • No COSHH implications

MACRO mechanical vacuum sweepers are innovative, sturdy and reliable.

MACRO machines are mechanical vacuum street sweepers that use the mechanical power of the brush to pick up the debris, as well as the vacuum fan to filter fine particulates and clean without raising dust.

MACRO street sweepers pick up huge amounts of waste. They are among the top mechanical vacuum sweepers for urban use in terms of load volume and effective weight (the M60 version boasts 6 cube metres of volume and 6,000 kg of effective weight).

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