• Insect Control Equipment
    Insect Control Equipment
    Safe, Effective Flying Insect Control For Food Areas
The fly is a highly mobile pest, able to fly from Filth to food carrying with it a wide range of disease-causing organisms on its body. They are among the most destructive of pest species, spreading diseases to man and domesticated animals as well as contaminating food and packaging. 

 The presence of flies in a facility has a direct correlation with the level of sanitation in and around a facility. The impact of a fly infestation on a business is not just a loss of income. 

 We have partnered with Brandenburg, the world’s leading manufacturer of Insect Light Traps ( ILT’s) , proven to catch more flies faster, thereby reducing the risk of food contamination in hygiene critical areas.


Insect Monitoring

The source of a fly problem can be established by inspecting the glue board and by identifying what species of flies have been caught. Every species of fly has a different habitat in which they live and breed.

For example, house flies breed around garbage areas, therefore when house flies are caught on a unit then it can be established that there needs to be a clear-up of garbage in or around the facility. Likewise, the presence of fruit flies caught on the glue board signify rotting or over-ripened fruits and vegetables in the facility which need to be cleared to get rid of the fruit flies.

This directly relates to the level of food hygiene in a premise.

Insect Light Traps (ILT’s) with Glue boards provide this capability.

Cobra wall mounted Glue-board unit with Translucent Technology to provide faster flying insect catch Vs non-translucent units of similar power

ILT’s with Glue Boards

Insect Light Traps (ILT’s) with glue boards are not only perfect for monitoring flies but are also a pre-requisite for total capture of insect bodies which significantly reduces the potential for insect fragments to enter the food chain. They are therefor ideal in all back of house operations for all Food Processing or Catering Industries.

Brandenburg are the world’s leading designer of ILT’s designed for use in food areas. Manufactured in the UK, the Brandenburg Genus® range of insect light traps provide the fastest fly catch of any comparable unit of a similar power both for Front of House and Back of House.

ILT Zappers

Insect Light Traps (ILT’s) Zappers are for areas where food is not being prepared or processed and where there is no risk of food being contaminated by Fly bodies or body parts.

All Brandenburg units are designed for hardwearing reliability in the toughest environments without compromising performance. Easy servicing capability minimises downtime.


Led by a clear understanding of flying insect behaviour, Illumé imitates the look and feel of a modern lighting fixture whilst providing excellent insect attraction. Large capacity glue board maximises catch and minimises service time.

  • Various colour and finish options available
  • Fast, easy servicing with no tools required
  • Silent operation and out of sight catch area for total discretion
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

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