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Keep your facility clean and operating efficiently with our solutions for cleaning and sanitizing, indoor air quality, treatment of boiler water and cooling water, pest elimination and LEED certification support from our accredited professionals to help achieve your Sustainability goals.

Green Housekeeping

Reza Hygiene help you achieve your green objectives with a variety of programs to support your LEED certification, or simply the desire to make your building a healthier place for staff and visitors. These programs include:

  • A Certified Green Housekeeping program that incorporates 3rd party certified products, application training, and staff certification. Our staff training courses all count towards your LEED certification points.
  • Our Green Housekeeping Products from Rochester Midland Corp, USA include Ecologo and Green Seal Chemical products, all which count towards your LEED certification points. Rochester Midland have been world leading pioneers in green chemical products since the late 1980’s

Waste Recycling

Rubbermaid Commercial Products are world leaders in waste stream bins and waste material handling products. Reza Hygiene distribute a full range of Rubbermaid products that include bins, waste separation containers and material handling trollies and large capacity tilt trucks.

Rubbermaid are renown for their innovation and durability ensuring customers receive the best product that provides a fast return on their investment.

Restroom Care

Our restroom care products help clients achieve costumer satisfaction with:

  • odor control,
  • toilet seat covers,
  • hands free fixtures and product dispensing,
  • green cleaning programs and
  • the fastest and the most energy efficient hand drying solutions.

Hassle Free service packages for Odor Control and automatic surface care products for Urinals & WC’s.

Floor care

Reza Hygiene provide a range of high durability, low maintenance floor finish systems that reduce, labor, time and chemical consumption whilst providing high gloss finish to all hard stone and vinyl flooring. These include Green Chemical alternatives.

Reza Hygiene provide a complete range of innovative Microfiber floor cleaning products from Rubbermaid Commercial Products that reduce manpower, chemical and water usage.

The Hako Division of Reza Hygiene provide a full range of machinery for floor sweeping, scrubber driers, floor polishers and vacuums.

Water Energy Management

We provide comprehensive programs to help reduce energy, chemical and water usage for:

  • Boilers,
  • Cooling Towers,
  • Closed loops.

We optimize membrane life for Reverse Osmosis Units and ensure Processed Water is the safest possible with our unique Chlorine Dioxide in-line generator system.

Process Area Solutions

Reza Hygiene are a total solution provider specific for your industry. Our range of solutions include innovative industry approved chemical products, dispensing systems, equipments, tools, disposables, technical support and training programs to ensure maximum hygiene, efficiency and cost savings. Our reputation for innovation, quality, durability and cost effectiveness is enhanced by partnerships with companies such as HAKO, DYSON and RUBBERMAID.

Dyson Hand Drying Solutions

Dyson Airblade technology has revolutionised hand drying with the worlds fastest, most hygienic and efficient hand dryers.

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Dyson Technology for Business

Engineered to improve the guest experience.

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Floor Machinery - Scrubber Driers

Fast efficient cleaning of large floor areas for retail, commercial & industries from Hako with Ride-on and walk behinds.

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Floor Machinery - Sweeping

A full range of professional sweepers for indoors and outdoors from pedestrian and ride-on sweepers to street cleansing Citymasters.

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Floor Machinery - Vacuums and Driers

High performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner and carpet driers suitable for industrial, retail and commercial use.

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Housekeeping - Linen carts

Classic durable Housekeeping carts and accessories from Rubbermaid.

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Insect Control Equipment

Industrial & decorative flying insect capture devices from market leader Brandenburg.

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Janitorial Equipment

Innovative and durable cleaning equipments available from Rubbermaid.

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Water Disinfection

The safest system for on-demand generation of Chlorine Dioxide injected into water systems.

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Water Treatment - Boiler Care

Products and Service programs to maintain, clean & protect against corrosion and deposits in Boiler & Hot Water systems.

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