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    Complete Your Guest Experience
    And Enhance Your Brand
Harness the power of scent to create a positive experience for customers and guests.

Hotels, Spas, Fitness Centers, Retail Outlets and Commercial Offices can complete their brand strategy and guest welcome experience with our ambient fragrance systems installed and serviced by our Rezaroma team of experts.

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Create a scentsation

We set the standard for enhancing indoor environments through fragrance.

We provide high quality fragrance oils ambient fragrances diffused as a fine, dry vapor either locally at point of need, or through the AC ducting to the areas where you actually need the result.

  • Brand Building – Build brand connections
  • Product Promotion – Differentiate from the competition
  • Aromatherapy – Utilize scent to shift perceptions
  • Odor Remediation – Create a fresh enviroment

Full service approach

In partnership with our Prolitec, world leaders in ambient scenting technology, we are trusted advisors to companies that want to benefit from the powers of fragrance in scented environments. Using our technological and fragrance expertise, we develop customized strategies for our clients for the effective use of scent to create a sense of place, and to promote and brand products and services.

Our step by step approach to helping clients is detailed, but our goal is simple: we work with you to produce the best scent effect for your business. Our experienced consultants and full-service program set us apart from other ambient scenting companies.

Scent creates unforgettable experiences

"How a place smells is the most recalled feature of a past experience? We remember the smell of something many years longer than we remember sounds, visuals or textures. "Scent creates more emotionally charged memory traces than those that are evoked by verbal, visual, auditory or tactile cues."

John Wiley & Sons, Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2012

Process Area Solutions

Reza Hygiene are a total solution provider specific for your industry. Our range of solutions include innovative industry approved chemical products, dispensing systems, equipments, tools, disposables, technical support and training programs to ensure maximum hygiene, efficiency and cost savings. Our reputation for innovation, quality, durability and cost effectiveness is enhanced by partnerships with companies such as HAKO, DYSON and RUBBERMAID.

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With unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology, we partner with customers to deliver world-class results and optimized operations.
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