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    Dry Process Cleaning & Disinfection
    Food safety in dry or low moisture environments
Effective cleaning & disinfection processes within dry or low moisture environments in the food & beverage processing industry has always been a challenge.


Typical environments include bakeries, confectionary and spice manufacturers. Applications cover a wide range of applications such as conveyor belts, proofers and all food contact surfaces.

Solutions are often labour intensive and not very effective, affecting food safety, quality, productivity and worker safety.

Reza Hygiene have a variety of solutions to suit the environment and need, including

  • SANIBREAK: Fast drying alcohol & Quat based detergent sanitizer which can be sprayed on to any surface.
  • SANIWIPE: Disinfecting impregnated non-woven wipes in easy dispending pails.

DRY STEAM with vacuum: We are able to accommodate custom built steam & vacuum applications for varying types and sizes of conveyors.

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