• Warewashing
    Enhancing Your Brand
Clean, hygienic tableware, flatware and glassware is a critical component of your restaurants operation and reputation.


High Performance Solutions

Our objective is to provide you with high performance chemical products, dosing and service solutions that enable an efficient warewashing operation and optimized cost control.

Solutions include:

  • Warewashing machines
  • Glass Washing machines
  • Pot & Pan Washing Machines
  • Manual utensil Washing

Continuous Improvement

We provide:

  • Tailored solutions that fit best to your dishwashing needs, with consistent results, cost efficiency, safety and sustainability top of mind.
  • Ongoing support through application expertise, technical service, and training of your staff.
  • Continuous improvement of your operations.

Enhanced Reputation

Our ware washing chemical range includes products to suit all water conditions and different size operations. Combined with our easy-to-use dosing systems, and regular technical service, Reza Hygiene ensures your operations are maximised and your reputation is enhanced.

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