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    Wet & Dry Vacuums
    Safety, Performance, Reliability
'Power' is not just about strength, but also reliability and ability to work in order to obtain the best results. Reza work have partnered with Delfin and Ghibli & Wirbel who are well-known high standard quality in their respective fields for the Industrial and Institutional market place. They encompass the latest generation engines with the best in terms of safety, performance and reliability.


Institutional Wet & Dry

The core of Power Line range is Dry (Power D) and Wet & Dry models (Power WD). With different versions for performance, size (from 12 to 80 liters), equipment, all characterized by strength, efficiency and reliability. Damp or dry dirt, water or slime, there are no limits for Power D and Power WD vacuum cleaners.

Equipped with one or two motors, with maximum power from 850 W to 2500 W, able to carry out any task in contract cleaning, workshop and industry. Heavy-duty, efficient, with professional filtering system designed to tackle every kind of daily job.

Institutional – Versatility

Vertical dry vacuum cleaners - Vacuums cleaners with powerful and high efficiency New Generation motors. The I version is equipped with stainless steel container. Power brush socket, Hepa cartridge filter in option, accessories holder and exhaust air filter make them very useful and universal for many different applications. Energy efficiency class B.

Backpack vacuum cleaner with batteries - Compact, light, manageable and powerful backpack vacuum cleaner. You wear it as a backpack. Your hands are free, it doesn’t hamper movements and allows to work faster and more effectively and the job results lighter. Double Filtration system (cartridge Filter + paper Filter bag). Exhaust air Filter. Accessory holders. Motor thermal protection. Energy efficiency class C.

Also available in FLY version 115v 400hz, specially wired for On-Board Power systems found on various aircraft.

The Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for the general cleaning in industrial environment, as well as many other more specific applications, not necessarily related to simple cleaning but also including manufacturing applications where liquids, powders, solids, heavy dust, granules, oil & dust need to be picked up and, where applicable, recovered.

The Delfin Industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for a wide range of industrial and specialist manufacturing applications. Their most common categories of machines are:

  • Compact single-phase vacuum cleaners
  • heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • high power three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners
  • high vacuum units
  • industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings
  • air operated vacuum cleaner
  • ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners
  • vacuum cleaners for fixed extraction on machines (OEM)
  • vacuum cleaner for continuous recovery of waste and scraps
  • centralized vacuum systems
  • dust extraction vacuum cleaners

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