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    Dyson for Business
    Engineered to improve the guest experience.
Business & leisure environments are under closer scrutiny than ever before. From the air we breathe, to the level of light, or the hygiene in washrooms, it all affects the experiences of customers and employees.
Technology can help or hinder these experiences.
When it doesn’t work properly, it can have a negative effect on our performance, our happiness and even our well-being. Technology that does work properly, on the other hand, can improve our lives. 
Welcome to Dyson, Technology for business and the hospitality industry.


Dyson for hotels

From light levels, to air quality, to personal care and washroom hygiene, every detail can affect your guests' comfort and wellbeing. Dyson Technologies are improving Rosewood London – a multi-award winning hotel in the heart of Holborn, London.

Illuminated spaces

Dyson CSYS TM task lights are engineered with a 3 Axis Glide TM motion so they can precisely position light where you need it. Located in suites and selected communal areas, they feature touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. So guests can enjoy optimal lighting- whether they’re reading, watching television or working on a laptop.


Discover lighting for business

Intelligently purifies and cools you

Indoor air pollution can be upto 5 x worse than outdoors. Air Multiplier TM technology that purifies the air can enhance hotel comfort and enable guests to create their preferred conditions- day and night.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link TM purifier automatically purifies air year-round with a powerful stream of airflow to cool you in warmer weather. So quiet they have been awarded the “Quiet Mark”.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TM allows guests and employees to create a more comfortable, personalised business or leisure environment.


Discover Pure Cool for business

Five-star personal care, for an enhanced customer experience.

Hotel visitors rate their rooms hair dryer as the worst appliance used during their stay. But with intelligent heat control, a balanced design and Air Muliplier TM technology, the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer creates a drying and styling experience, helping to improve customer satisfaction.


Discover Dyson Supersonic for leisure

Hand dryers that enhance the washroom experience

The fastest, most hygieneic hand dryers. With HEPA-filtered air.

Guests can dry hands quickly with HEPA- filtered air. No messy paper towels and with the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer, no water dripped on the floor.


Discover Airblade hand dryers for business

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