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    Water Disinfection
    Making Water Clean Again
Biofilms develop in potable & domestic hot and cold water systems. Biofilms harbor, and support the proliferation of, many micro-organisms which are pathogenic to humans.

Conventional water disinfection methods, inlcuding Chlorine treatment do not remove or destroy biofilms from water systems or prevent the biofilm development. However, Chlorine Dioxide does destroy and remove biofilms, but its application has been difficult as all previous technologies and systems have suffered from poor conversion rates of the precursor to product, formation of undesirable by-products, reliability and health & safety issues. Furthermore, all previous ClO2 systems and technologies have produced chlorine as a by-product.

CLO2IX now provides a system to safely produce and dose ultra pure chlorine dioxide product.

CLO2IX now provides a system to safely produce and dose "ultra pure" chlorine dioxide product without any hazardous or undesirable by-products and with unsurpassed reliability of operation.

Because of the product purity and lack of health & safety issues a whole new field of applications is now able to utilize ClO2 via CLO2IX including the  prevention of bio-fouling on RO membranes, municipal water treatment without Bromate formation, water hygiene treatments without toxic byproducts.

Reverse osmosis

Chlorine Dioxide, as a dissolved gas in solution, will pass through membranes to provide biofilm protection both upstream and downstream of the membranes. Chlorine Dioxide produced by CLO2IX systems is chlorine free, ozone free, and will not attack TFC membranes. Cleaning cycles can be reduced greatly by feeding < 0.2 mg/l into the RO feed water, either continuously or intermittently as the application dictates.

Chlorine Dioxide produced by CLO2IX systems is chlorine free, ozone free, and will not attack TFC membranes.

Secondary Disinfection & Health Care

Immuno-compromised individuals are most susceptible to waterborne pathogens. In some countries, regulations require hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to have a Legionella and pathogen control program in place. In other countries, industry guidelines strongly recommend such programs. In either case, the use of Chlorine Dioxide is supported as part of these pathogen control programs

Safe Systems

  • No storage of Chlorine Dioxide
  • No chemicals mixed
  • No chlorine or ozone produced

Effective against Legionella

Catalytic Chlorine Dioxide ( CLO2IX ) is the safest, most reliable and best available technology for the control of biofilm and micro-organisms in water systems.

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biocide and biofilm cleaner. Now that the challenges of past systems have been overcome with the CLO2IX® product line, Chlorine Dioxide can actually be applied safely and instantaneously in a pure solution. These unique properties open markets for Chlorine Dioxide that were previously closed, as is demonstrated by the hundreds of CLO2IX® installations worldwide.

Chilled Water Loops

Chlorine Dioxide is now gaining acceptance as a cost effective alternative to non oxidizing biocides in chilled water loops. This is largely due to the low corrosivity, selective reactivity, and the low dosages required to keep systems operating cleanly. The unique quality of the product from the CLO2IX® generator and the ease of use make it an attractive choice for automatic or manual dosing to chilled water loops. However, Chlorine Dioxide must be used according to best practices that recognize the singular properties of the biocide.

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