• Industrial Washing Machines
    Industrial Washing
Reza Hygiene supply a range of Industrial washing machines, cleaning solutions and services for the food chain from Farm to Fork.


Container washers

Our industrial equipment solutions are designed to give optimal washing effects wash all kinds of

  • Plastic containers, Trays, Boxes
  • Covers of containers
  • Plastic & Steel pallets
  • Buggy containers

Container Washers are available in a modular version with possibility of extension of the initial washing module and/ or the air blow-off module).

Livestock Poultry Container Washers

Designed to wash transport containers for poultry livestock. Equipped with specially designed washing collector and debris separating filter, ensure high efficiency of washing and disinfection processes.

Construction advantages:

  • Supplied with pumps of high output and working pressure
  • Closed washing water circulation
  • Disinfection system
  • Mechanical conveyor for container transportation with a smooth advance regulation (chain conveyor)
  • High savings on water and detergent
  • Self-cleaning rotating filter with debris separator
  • Continuous working system

Chemical Washing & Disinfection

Reza Hygiene provide a complete range of detergents & terminal disinfection solutions for all forms of product transport containers, whether plastic, steel or Aluminum.

We provide, install and maintain a variety of automatic dosing and dispensing devices to suit the various types of machines.

Out teams of technician’s service all chemical dispensing systems on a scheduled and emergency call out basis with a cloud based visit reporting system called Reza 3S (Service Scheduling System).

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