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Supplier Partners

Partnerships are important to Reza, not just with our customers but especially with our supplier partners.

Our “One Stop Shop “ offering of products is geared towards market leading brand owners in their market segment that offer Innovation, Durability and cost effective solutions.



Brandenburg is proud to be recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly flying insect control, air sterilization products and biting pest management.
Our philosophy is to continuously innovate and apply advanced technology in every aspect of our product and service offering, developing close working partnerships with leading players in markets around the world.




Dyson are famous for reinventing every day electronic products and providing unique innovations that have revolutionize each product category. Dyson airblade technology provides three unique products that are the fastest, most hygienic hand dryers in the world.




The Genesys group of companies develops and manufactures specialty reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemicals, antiscalants, cleaners, flocculants and biocides. Our market-leading products are distributed by a growing network of international distributors, selected for their expertise in the chemical and membrane industries.



Hill Brush

We've been manufacturing the highest quality brushware since 1922 and we still enjoy our job. Hill Brush is the home of leading brand, Salmon® Hygiene Technology, encompassing the pinnacle of food-safe cleaning equipment, ideal for anyone looking for innovative hygienic tools for all manner of application.



Nilfisk Food

Nilfisk FOOD is the world leading manufacturer of low pressure cleaning equipment. We develop, produce and sell cleaning equipment working with up to 40 bar. Our expertise is how to combine water pressure, compressed air and chemical products in order to create the perfect foam quality to do the job – in one process from pre rinse to sanitizing. The target customers for our products are the food industry and related industries.



Rochester Midland Corporation

Rochester Midland Corporation has been a leader in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry since 1888 and has a pioneering position in the development of sustainable programs. We partner with our customers to provide integrated solutions to solve problems and help them reach their strategic business objectives and environmental goals.



Safe Foods Corporation

Dedicated to products and systems that dramatically reduce food borne illness and deaths. Their patented product Cecure, is a unique USDA & FDA approved next generation antimicrobial product & process for spraying onto raw poultry in a pre-chill application.



Evans Vanodine International Ltd

The UK’s leading private manufacturer of facility care products and Food & Agricultural specialty detergents & disinfectants. Animal health and industrial hygiene users alike have trusted Evans Vanodine for over 90 years. This trust is greatly valued by a company that has established for itself a reputation second to none for quality, consistency and friendly, helpful service.




The Hako Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of cleaning and municipal technology. We supply innovative cleaning machines as well as multifunctional implement carriers and transporters to customers from a broad spectrum of target groups worldwide. Best possible economic-efficiency and sustainability characterize our products.



Neiros Metal

A full range of high quality stainless steel hygiene equipment’s includes, HACCP entrance control stations, crate - bin - pallet & utensil washing machines, transport bins, sink units, doors and drainage systems.




We all have memories associated with scent. Companies are just beginning to harness the potential of experiential marketing with scent. At Prolitec, we’ve been perfecting scent as a medium of communication to deliver enhanced customer experiences indoor air quality.



Rubbermaid Commercial Products

World renown high quality durable products and solutions for; waste management, material handling, food storage, handling & Distribution and cleaning. Products that meet the most demanding specifications for HACCP and JCAHO requirements.

www.rcpworksmarter.com and www.rubbermaid.eu



STERI-7 is a multi-purpose biocidal cleaner that also works as a high level disinfectant. It cleans practically any surface or material, eradicating bacteria, spores, fungi, yeasts and viruses. With Reactive Barrier Technology that Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and moulds up to 99.9999%.



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