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    Staff Changing & Entrance Control
    Protecting Product – Enhance GMP's
Every modern food related facility, such as food processing plant, large kitchen or a slaughterhouse is subjected to strict hygiene regulations and modern guidelines, such as HAACP and IFS. Reza provides know-how and means to enforce regulations and guidelines in food related facilities.
In partnership with our European partners Neiros, Reza Hygiene provide design layouts, supply, install and maintain a wide range of Hygiene equipment for staff changing areas within hygiene conscious industries especially in the food chain.


Hygiene Stations

Reza Hygiene supply the very latest in Nieros hygiene equipment solutions for the entance control of larger production areas.

Our solutions for personal hygiene between production areas and other areas within a factory include hand and foot-sole disinfection and controled entry/exit.

When staff enter into a production area they enter the entrance control machine stepping directly into the sole disinfection basin. Staff are then oblidged to use the automated hand disinfectant unit which will then activate and release a tripod turnstil barrier.

On exiting, production staff then pass through the unit via two rotating sole cleaning brushes.

As a precatuion, the access control gate prevents entry into production areas from the exiting side of the unit.

Hand Wash Sinks & Troughs

Hand washing is one of the most important GMP's in any food processing environment as the risk of contaminating simple goods with harmful bacteria can be detrimental for your business.

To ensure safe contact with any food product, workers not only have to maintain a clean workspace and machinery but also practice impeccable personal hygiene.

Reza Hygiene focus on producing hand wash facilities which are very easy to use, maintain and efficient. Our stainless steel hand wash sinks and troughs utilise a variety of faucet types , especailly when combined with Dyson Airblade Tap, the combined autofacuet Tap and Airblade technology.

Wardrobe Solutions

All products are made of stainless steel with special production technologies that avoid the presence of dangerous and sharp edges typical of stainless steel metalworking. Ideal for many different sectors:

  • fish processing
  • food and beverage industry
  • supermarkets, bars, pizzerias and restaurants
  • poultry plants and equipment
  • confectionery and pasta
  • dairy industry
  • meat processing, cured meats
  • chemical and pharmaceutical companies

The physical properties of stainless steel make this material perfect for food manufactures and consequently extremely suitable for all environments where the health and hygiene regulations require high standards.

The corrosion and impact resistance and high strength makes the product ideal for all work places where use is most intense.

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