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    Facility Care for Healthcare
    Prevent Spread of Infection
Studies show that the environment plays a direct role in the transmission of infections, due to the number of high-touch surfaces that patients and clinicians encounter each day.
Our range of solutions help prevent hospital acquired infections (HAI's) to protect patient safety in healthcare facilities. Our expertise enables us to help our customers protect the health of their workers, guests and suppliers through innovative solutions and service.


Facility Cleaning

We deliver improved cleaning outcomes through the clinically tested combination of highly accurate dispensing systems, high performance disinfectants & cleaning products, high-quality, Rubbermaid color coded microfiber cloths and cleaning tools.

Unlike most other competitive microfibre products Rubbermaid's micro-fibre cloth & pad range can be laundered using chlorine disinfection and have a much longer life.

We provide S.O.P cleaning procedure charts and training for your healthcare housekeeping staff.

Surface Disinfection

STERI-7 XTRA provides double protection against infection and contamination where needed. When applied, it kills 99.9999% of the most commonly isolated micro organisms within seconds. If left to dry the Reactive Barrier is created and ensures that any germs subsequently introduced to it will also be killed just as effectively 24/7. Simply rinse off while wet if not required..

Cleaning Equipment

Hako's hospital specification scrubber-driers address the issue of potential infection or cross contamination in the water recovery tanks.

Hako CLH range of scrubber-driers includes Antibac technology is incorporated into the dirty water recovery tanks which provides continuous antibacterial properties that kill up to 99.9% of most common bacterial strains; significantly Staphylococcus Aurues (gram positive), Escherichia Coli (gram negative) as well as the fungus Aspergillus Niger.

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