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We provide comprehensive programs to help reduce energy, chemical and water usage for Boilers, Cooling Towers and closed loops. We optimize membrane life for Reverse Osmosis Units and ensure Processed Water is the safest possible with our unique Chlorine Dioxide in-line generator system.

By identifying your needs, implementing integrated solutions, and providing comprehensive training and support, Reza Water Treatment Divisions can help optimize your operations, educate your employees, improve your work environment, and continually identify improvement opportunities.

Water Disinfection

Biofilms develop in potable & domestic hot and cold water systems. Biofilms harbor, and support the proliferation of, many micro-organisms which are pathogenic to humans.

For the control of Legionella , our Catalytic Chlorine Dioxide ( CLO2IX ) is the safest, most reliable and best available technology for the control of biofilm and micro-organisms in water systems.

Reverse Osmosis

Genesys Group are the water purification membrane experts and our strategic partner. They develop and manufacture speciality reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemicals, antiscalants, cleaners, flocculants and biocides.

We specialise in providing chemicals that allow reverse osmosis (RO) plants to operate efficiently in areas where feed waters are challenging, inclduing high levels of silica, phosphate or sulphate.

Boiler Water Programs

Sustainable boiler water programs from Reza Hygiene will maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and protect your costly equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion.

Our comprehensive water management programs ensure continuous operation of production equipment and comfort heating, eliminating costly downtime and maximizing energy efficiency.

Cooling Water

Through our partnership with RMC Corp USA, it is our corporate objective to create effective programs with minimal environmental impact by using cooling water inhibitor programs without heavy metals.

Our cooling water programs provide clean heat transfer surfaces by providing protection from corrosion, scale and biological fouling. Our treatment options include All Organic, Stabilized Phosphate, Phosphate and Molybdate inhibition programs used in conjunction with a wide selection of biocide programs to ensure efficient cooling system operations.

  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors Biocides — Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing
  • Antifoam
  • Feed and Control Systems
  • System Cleaners
  • Advanced Oxidation System
  • Legionella Management and Risk Control

Process Area Solutions

Reza Hygiene are a total solution provider specific for your industry. Our range of solutions include innovative industry approved chemical products, dispensing systems, equipments, tools, disposables, technical support and training programs to ensure maximum hygiene, efficiency and cost savings. Our reputation for innovation, quality, durability and cost effectiveness is enhanced by partnerships with companies such as HAKO, DYSON and RUBBERMAID.

Water Disinfection

The safest system for on-demand generation of Chlorine Dioxide injected into water systems.

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Water Treatment - Boiler Care

Products and Service programs to maintain, clean & protect against corrosion and deposits in Boiler & Hot Water systems.

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Water Treatment Solution Stories

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