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UV Light Placement Pest Control in a Food Processing Plant

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UV Light Placement Pest Control in a Food Processing Plant

Every food processing facility is usually well-equipped with UV flying insect traps. These are often installed in large numbers throughout the facility. Unfortunately, most of these traps are installed incorrectly, being placed too high or too close to the food products and food contact surfaces that require protection.

UV light traps attract flying pests. DO NOT place these near food or preparation areas where you do NOT want flies. Instead, place them just outside the rooms to be protected, so that the traps will intercept the insects before they enter high-risk areas.

If several insects of the same type are caught on the trap, you need to identify the pests and track down the source for pest elimination. Identify pests using a simple pest identification chart. The same chart will list common sources of the pest, with recommended controls.

As an example, if flies are identified as humpbacked flies (Phorids) associated with biofilms inside drains, to eliminate these pests locate the nearest drains. Inspect the drain for organic matter build-up on the sides of the drain, since this is where the insect larvae develop. Remove these biofilms by applying an approved chlorinated alkaline detergent or an enzymatic biofilm digester into the drain to clean and dry out the biofilm coating the pipe. This will also kill the insect larvae growing in the organic slime. Then check all drains to ensure the source of pests is now eliminated

Possible Causes

1. Lack of identification and source tracking, pests captured repeatedly.

2. Lack of specifications in the pest control contract. Vendor must identify and source-track pests and assist in control methods.

3. Continuous presence of pests in facility, providing ineffective pest control, despite use of pest control devices and contractor.

Controls & Corrective Actions

1. Monitor pest devices, note repeat captures; identify pests and find the source.

2. Specify pest source tracking in contract to ensure that pests are eliminated.

3. PC vendor to provide advice on cleaning and waste controls to eliminate pests.

4. Review PC needs if pests always present despite use of pest control devices and contractor.


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