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Christeyns Compact ONE total wash concept for On Premise Laundries.


Christeyns helps laundries to wash with Low Impact on the environment, and save money at the same time. Low Impact Washing is Christeyns’ philosophy on future washing. It not only focuses on the washing process. It starts with precise dosing of the right chemicals, careful monitoring of the dosing process, applying adapted & more efficient wash processes, and using water and energy saving equipment. This is what COMPACT ONE gives you.

Our experienced specialists can also help you with personalised advice, consultancy, on-site audits and staff training.

Increased Productivity

Christeyns developed COMPACT One, a total wash concept that has an impact on nearly all laundry costs

COMPACT ONE is based on truly innovative chemicals, combined with an adapted and well balanced wash process.

Compact ONE offers the possibility to wash at lower temperatures, with excellent wash quality and bleaching results from 40ºC onwards.

Concept One processes enable laundry operators to the maximum capacities of washer extractors.

Water & Energy Savings

COMPACT ONE, Total Wash Concept for washer extractors provides enormous benefits for On Premise Laundries using unique chemistry and wash processes, these include:

  • Low Save up to 60% water and energy
  • Reduce process time by 40%
  • Maximise loading efficiency

Christeyns’ water management equipment systems recover the resources that would otherwise be lost.

  • Allows re-use of process water from washer extractors.
  • Reduces soil loading in waste water.

Technical Support

Our team of Christyens division technical support consultants, account managers and technicians ensure your wash processes are optimised.

While our dosing systems provide full reporting analysis of your laundries operation and utility consumption, our technical team scheduled visits ensure agreed KPI’s are maintained and reported on.

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